FITT Center team member Sarah Gardner is the guest of a new NCTSN podcast! Check it out!

In this episode, listeners hear from Sarah Gardner, Director of Clinical Services at the Center for Child and Family Traumatic Stress at Kennedy Krieger Institute and a member of the Family-Informed Trauma Treatment (FITT) Center at the University of Maryland.

Sarah’s areas of expertise are intergenerational trauma patterns and engaging families who have experienced marginalization related to racism, poverty, and other negative social conditions. She has been a part of the Network since 2003 and is the developer of FamilyLive, an innovative family therapy model which helps caregivers with trauma histories develop parenting skills. Since joining the Network, Sarah has played important roles in the NCTSN, including as a longtime co-chair of the Partnering with Youth and Families Committee where she worked to help develop and disseminate a number of key products including, What's SHARING POWER Got to Do With Trauma-Informed Practice?, Sharing Power: A Tool for Reflection, and Compensation for Family and Youth Involvement: Why It’s Critical.